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Impactful malaria science, and the trailblazers leading the fight. A podcast from the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.

Jan 30, 2023

When Clive Shiff completed his entomology training, he was told that malaria was on its way out. 

But as we know, the disease persisted, continuing to claim lives and livelihoods.

In January's Malaria Minute Extended, we speak with Clive Shiff, Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins University, on the rise of the bed net...

Jan 16, 2023

How can we account for malaria cases during the dry season, when mosquitoes are typically dormant? It turns out that trees might be the root of the problem...


Malaria is often thought of as a seasonal disease. Transmission peaks during the rainy season – when standing water creates the ideal conditions for...