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Impactful malaria science, and the trailblazers leading the fight. A podcast from the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.

Mar 26, 2024

On the steps of Capitol Hill, we meet the scientists bringing their scientific battle against malaria into the world of political advocacy. They join a 100+ group of advocates lobbying their members of Congress to fund critical interventions against malaria – becoming ‘malaria champions’ as well.

We ask:

  • Why have they decided to join the world of political advocacy?

  • How are they using their expertise to strengthen the champion’s efforts? 

  • What scientific message do they have to share?

With David Sullivan (Johns Hopkins University), Tracey Lamb and Jenna Reed (University of Utah) and Louisa Messenger (University of Las Nevas Nevada)

About The Podcast

The Johns Hopkins Malaria Minute is produced by the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute to highlight impactful malaria research and to share it with the global community.