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Impactful malaria science, and the trailblazers leading the fight. A podcast from the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.

Dec 18, 2023

As COP28 emphasises the human cost of climate change, what will be the impact of rising temperatures and extreme weather events on malaria transmission?

In this podcast, we ask:

  • How was health represented this year at COP?
  • What is the impact of rising temperatures on malaria?
  • How will extreme weather events, like...

Dec 6, 2023

The WHO launches its annual World Malaria Report at COP28, the UN's Climate Change Conference.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its World Malaria Report for 2023 at the start of COP28, the UN’s Climate Change Conference. The headline figures are concerning. The WHO estimates that there were...

Nov 27, 2023

An old malaria drug gets a new formulation. But how good is it – and will it drive resistance?

In this podcast, we ask:

  • What are the limitations of current malaria vaccines?
  • What is the concept of long-acting injectable (LAI) drugs?
  • What are the clinical and chemical properties of atovaquone that make it suitable...

Nov 14, 2023

How ‘chemical vaccines’ could offer long-term protection against malaria in endemic areas, and combat the problems of dosing and drug resistance.


Drugs used to prevent and treat malaria are vital tools in the malaria toolkit – but they aren’t perfect. When used to prevent malaria, people must remember...

Oct 23, 2023

Drug efficacy studies are revealing the spatial distribution of mutations causing artemisinin resistance - and it all starts with a drop of blood.

In this podcast, we ask:

  • What is artemisinin resistance?
  • What are some of the key molecular markers underpinning it?
  • How can we overcome it?

With Didier Ménard, Director...