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Impactful malaria science, and the trailblazers leading the fight. A podcast from the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute.

Mar 28, 2023

An invasive mosquito species, Anopheles stephensi, is threatening to redefine malaria in Africa.

In this episode, we speak to Eric Ochomo from the Kenya Medical Research Institute, and Seth Irish from the World Health Organization, about the rise of the Anopheles stephensi in Africa. We discuss why the mosquito is in...

Mar 6, 2023

The migration of Anopheles stephensi, an invasive mosquito species, threatens to redefine malaria in Africa.


Malaria in Africa is mainly rural, and peaks during the rainy season. The primary culprit is  Africa’s main malaria vector: Anopheles gambiae. But another malaria vector – called Anopheles...